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The Fuel Solenoid Driver (also known as Pump Mounted Driver) is the brains behind the electronic fuel injector pump. When this driver fails, the truck will not operate, and no code or "check engine" light is displayed.

New module manufactured by Flight Systems.  May have various brand markings.  Lifetime warranty.

The driver is located on the driver's side of the injection pump, on top of the engine. The driver is cooled by fuel flowing through the pump.

Failure is usually heat-related, so will happen mostly after the engine is fully warmed up. Symptoms include rough running, stalling, and difficulty in restarting. Pouring cool (not cold) water over the driver may cool it enough to temporarily reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Be sure to check for stored codes before you replace the driver since these symptoms have other causes as well.

The driver requires a calibration resistor. This resistor matches the injector pump, not the driver. When you replace a driver, you should re-use the old resistor or obtain a same-numbered replacement resistor.  Pick the resistor value closest to your existing value.  If unsure, select #5.

The resistor value is remembered by the engine computer. It is only re-read when the computer forgets the value. This may happen immediately, or not for several months.

The resistor is located inside the electrical connection on the driver.

Resistor number and location: 
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Resistors can be removed with small snap ring pliers by using the two small holes in the resistor circuit card.

Resistor Removal: 
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  1. Another Blue Hummer success 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 12th 2019

    Wanted a quality American made replacement for the foreign PMDs you find elsewhere. Got this one as it comes highly recommended from other users. Not disappointed. It also matched up exactly to the existing heat sink I had as well as the existing electrical connector harness.

  2. Easy install, but holes not lined up. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 24th 2018

    Great product, easy fix, but the screw holes didn't line up correctly so I could only attach 2 of the screws to the heatsink.