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CTIS Quick Disconnect


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Quickly disconnects your tire's CTIS line.

Allows full air flow when connected. Air pressure sealed on both sides when disconnected.

The CTIS Quick Disconnect was developed as an economical replacement for the AM General CTIS Disconnect valve. Unlike the AMG valve, this assembly completely separates the CTIS line from the hub. If you must drive with the CTIS line disconnected, the line must be secured in some way to prevent damage to the line and / or wheel.

The CTIS Quick Disconnect assembly can usually be attached to the original plastic line by simply cutting the end of the line straight once the AMG valve is removed.

Will work with most CTIS guards and wheel protectors.

Standard air line connection is compression fitting with ferrule and tube support.

Optional push-connect air line fitting with safety clip. Allows plastic line to be easily connected or disconnected without tools. (Air pressure is not sealed when plastic line is disconnected. Disconnect valve itself operates normally.) Safety clip prevents accidental removal of plastic line.

Optional flexible valve connection available for use with non-CTIS wheels. Rubber tube with valve fitting on the end is cut to length. Can be used with most existing tire valves on non-CTIS wheels. May not be compatible with various CTIS guards.

Also available without any hose connection. Threaded hole in valve assembly is 1/8" NPT. Most steel-braid covered aftermarket CTIS hoses use this thread.

Wheel-end fittings and plastic lines ordered separately.

Note: This product was based on a similar idea originally posted on the Hummer Mailing list ( We gratefully acknowledge this online Hummer community and the assistance of their members in the development and testing of this product.

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  1. ctis 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 17th 2018

    its about time that that there is a removable stis quick disconnect
    its great for tire removal, makes the job much quicker
    easy install.

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