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Center Link Upgrade


Notes about Center Link and early trucks:

In 1995, AMG upgraded the center link to the "Heavy Duty" configuration. Trucks with VIN 163985 and later had this center link from the factory.

  • Trucks without this upgraded center link will require a spacer when installing the latest Idler Arm or Pitman Arm.
  • Trucks with the old-style idler arm and pitman arm must upgrade them when installing the new center link.
  • The original center link is no longer available.

Many early trucks have been upgraded over the years, so check to be sure. To determine whether your truck has the upgraded center link, measure the thickness of the link where the idler arm or pitman arm are fastened to it.

  • Older center links will measure approximately 7/8" thick.
  • Newer ones will measure approximately 1" thick.

The attachment points for the Tie Rod Ends are unchanged.

Spacers can be made from flat washers if needed. Total thickness should be approximately 1/8". Incorrect or missing spacers prevent the cotter pin from correctly securing the slotted nut.